About us

Hospital Service Company Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa runs an enterprise under the name of “Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej Centrum Usług Pielęgnacyjno-Opiekuńczych we Wrocławiu” (NonPublic Healthcare Institution, Nursing and Care Service Centre in Wrocław), which provides nursing and care services at the patient’s home and fills medical staff shortages in the case of night and holiday duties, holidays and leaves of medical staff employed in other healthcare institutions. The company also implements other activities in the area of medical care performed by unlicensed assistive personnel and emergency medical technicians, which include – in particular – the provision of comprehensive assistance to medical personnel with patient care in healthcare facilities.

Patient care

We carry out medical care activities performed by hospital attendants and nurses, in particular  comprehensive services of helping the members of the medical personnel to take care of patients at healthcare facilities.

Patient support services are needed as the back-up of therapeutic processes and become an integral part of them. We ensure an element of prevention and we support the cycle of improving and restoring the health of patients.

The activities carried out by hospital attendants and nurses comply with the guidelines and regulations in the field of health care law and relevant regulations. These activities shall be carried out in accordance with guidelines and procedures laid down by the healthcare provider concerned as well as with the close supervision of the relevant coordinators authorised by the individual healthcare providers. The whole chain of activities is an inseparable part of patient care process. These activities are carried out in accordance with hospital epidemiological procedures.

Medical services

Health service Health service
Nursing homes Nursing homes
Clinics Clinics
Healthcare entities and other medical facilities Healthcare entities and other medical facilities
We fill staff shortages of the following professional groups
Registration specialist and medical secretary Registration specialist and medical secretary
Health care assistants Health care assistants
Midwives Midwives
Paramedics Paramedics
Electroradiology technicians Electroradiology technicians
Physicians Physicians
Diagnostic and laboratory technicians Diagnostic and laboratory technicians

Individual customer

Private nursing care and caring in the patient's home.
We offer a full range of nursing services and care.
Nursing care for children
Nursing care for children
Private nursing care for children (weekends, holidays, child’s illness)
Nursing packages
Nursing packages
Depending on the number of hours spent at the patient and the number of performed procedures, it is possible to have the services performed at discounted prices.
Long-term nursing care
Long-term nursing care
In situations when you need constant nursing and assistance services for family members, we can come to your aid in dead-end situations.