Medical staff in good hands
  • Home nursing care is provided at the patient’s location. 
  • The service is directed to seniors, persons requiring postoperative care and all those who need regular nursing care. 
  • Highly qualified medical staff, who work at health care facilities on a daily basis, is the guarantee of the quality of our services.
  • The services are provided in Wrocław and in the following gminas: Długołęka, Kąty Wrocławskie, Kobierzyce, Żórawina and Czernica.


Nursing care for children
Nursing care for children
Private nursing care for children (weekends, holidays, child’s illness)
Nursing packages
Nursing packages
Depending on the number of hours spent at the patient and the number of performed procedures, it is possible to have the services performed at discounted prices.
Long-term nursing care
Long-term nursing care
In situations when you need constant nursing and assistance services for family members, we can come to your aid in dead-end situations.

Price list of medical services

Nursing services

Service Price
Measurement of vital signs 15 PLN
Intravenous injection
45 PLN
Intramuscular injection 40 PLN
Intradermal or subcutaneous injection 40 PLN
IV catheter/winged infusion set placement 45 PLN
Intravenous infusion application
+ observation (per 1 hour)
50 PLN
15 PLN
Application of a small dressing 
(2–3 materials)
30 PLN
Application of a large dressing (4 materials) 50 PLN
Enema 40 PLN
Założenie sondy do żołądka

60 PLN


Catheterisation in women

60 PLN

An hour of nurse’s work 30 PLN
An hour of work of a health care attendant 20 PLN


Personal care services

Service Price
Personal care service (includes performance of all the necessary personal care activities depending on the needs and health condition of the patient, including pressure ulcer wash.) 55 PLN


Each price should be increased by the following travelling fees if the service is provided at home:

  • distance of up to 10 km – 10.00 PLN,
  • distance of up to 20 km – 20.00 PLN,
  • distance of up to 30 km – 30.00 PLN.


  • 5% – for at least 5 visits,
  • 10% – for at least 10 visits.

If the number of ordered home visits is high, the prices can be negotiated individually.